About the Rascals

A family of five, Rosie, Aly and three little rascals: Momen, Delilah and Cairo.

Rosie is Scottish and grew up on a farm in Perthshire in Scotland. She discovered sailing in her childhood and her love of the sea stems from time on a family salmon farm, time on the beach below her Grandparent’s farm in Cornwall and the introduction to the underwater world as a teenager on a school scuba diving expedition as well as many sailing trips on Lochs in Scotland and Lake Windermere in England. Her sense of adventure began in earnest when she ran away 600 miles from a renowned Scottish boarding school at the age of 13. Since then the will to escape has always featured in her life and has led to many an amazing and interesting experience.

Aly is Egyptian by birth but became British in 2009. He grew up in Suez in Egypt where his family owned fishing boats which often sailed as far south as Yemen in the Red Sea. At the age of 16 Aly ran away to sea in the school summer holiday and his passion for working and living on the waves was soon reinforced for life. He soon moved over to working in the tourism industry in Sharm el Sheik on diving vessels. He later learnt to sail on Turkish gullets based in Sharm but later moved down to Sudan.

Rosie and Aly’s worlds collided in 2002. Rosie had brought a 70ft yacht down from Greece and Turkey, following an extensive refit, into the Red Sea and down to the remote and vastly unexplored Sudanese Red Sea. She was offering diving expeditions to a British market. Aly was by then skippering an Italian owned Gulet which offered diving expeditions to mainly an Italian market. Diving with hammerhead sharks, reef sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, huge schools of all types of trevallies, snappers, wrasse, barracuda, what an adventure that was…… They soon fell in love and ended up on “Connda Vennessa” operating the trips together. After two very successful years they decided to try to make a go of life in a completely different environment in Scotland together….

In the UK, Rosie decided to complete her education with an MBA and later studied Sustainable Aquaculture in Stirling University. Aly completed his Yachtmaster training in the UK in 2008 and began a career skippering on Tugs and Hydrographic survey vessels in the UK and northern Europe as well as Russia. They also ran a fruit and vegetable export and distribution business which has been put on hold for the Rascals Adventure. A few years ago they took over the family flock of rare breed Herdwick sheep on the family farm, this has now been sold.

In 2010, Delilah arrived and has kept Rosie and Aly on their toes ever since. She loves life, sports and making new friends. She loves learning and absorbs life like a sponge!  In 2012, Cairo came raring to go into the world, he is a feisty little rascal who adores hanging out with his Power rangers, wrestlers, dinosaurs and lions. In fact there isn’t much he doesn’t know about the dinosaur kingdom. He loves swimming and playing with other little people, especially if they like wrestling!

Momen is Aly’s son from Egypt who has lived with us  full time since 2014, he is 13 and has an amazing ability to find fun in everything. He is a keen footballer and will always find another keen footballer wherever we go. He is arty, creative and a kind and playful guy who is learning so much about our amazing world on this adventure.